Monday, April 12, 2010


Growing up, my dad always had a big vegetable garden. I never paid much attention to it, other than to eat of it's bounty each summer, but looking back, he was able to grow an abundance of vegetables in our own back yard. It wasn't until I had graduated college and gotten married that I had the urge to attempt to grow my own food. As I have grown in my love for the outdoors and for vegetables in general, the desire to have a garden has only become more tempting. However, this is the first time we've ever lived in a place where we had a yard and the opportunity to do so.

As I've walked through this process, I've come to realize how much I have just enjoy growth. I love to grow in my own life, whether that means spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. I love seeing goals met and dreams come true. I love seeing and helping other grow as well. We have great opportunity for this in ministry, and it is so fulfilling when we are used to challenge or encourage someone who takes that next step, whatever it might be. I'm not sure if these two passions are connected, but regardless, the processes are similar. There is some aspect of weeding out the stuff in our lives that will inhibit good things to grow before we can really plant, nurture, and eventually reap a harvest. We have to remember that growth is not an end result, but a journey that we have to take one step at a time.

This is what happens in the NW when you plant grass in the rest of the yard and then proceed to ignore the dirt patch that will be your garden in the spring. It took a whole afternoon to weed it. I had put down some straw to keep my strawberry plants from freezing, but the grass still managed to grow up through it.

The straw and grass/weeds filled 6 garbage bags! Debbie got a lot of organic material for her compost :).

This picture was taken 4-6 wks ago. They are my strawberry plants that are now blooming! Yay!

I was very eager and started my zucchini and cucumbers a bit early. They did germinate in my kitchen and are now planted in the garden. It's a bit early for them, so I'm hoping they make it. If not, I will just replant and take note for next year to wait a few more weeks :).

Cucumber, Zucchini, Onions, Broccoli, and Roma Tomatoes. It's early for tomatoes as well, so this plant is in a flower pot in my kitchen for now.

It took another few hours of an afternoon to till the hard-packed soil. Because I didn't want to wait to borrow a tiller, I did this with a shovel and P90X power (aka: my arms) :).

Someone gave me some flowers that had this pinwheel in it. I thought it only appropriate to put in in the garden.

Here is the semi-finished product that I put in just this past Saturday. I planted the onion, zucchini, cucumber, carrots, romaine lettuce, and broccoli. I also have the strawberries, and will also plant tomatoes and possibly peppers and green beans once it gets a little warmer consistently. The marigolds are planted around the peripheral as a natural way to keep bugs from the veggies. Apparently they like marigolds even better. I hope it works!

I will definitely enjoy the end result, but have really enjoyed the process of preparing and planting. It was and (I'm sure will continue to be) a lot of hard work, yet it was so much fun! I look forward to learning more and *growing* in my knowledge of gardening as the summer goes on!