Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Whirlwind

I'M MARRIED!!! As of May 27, 2005, I am Mark's wife! How crazy is that? Life has truly been a whirlwind...I finished up my job in Indiana as of May married a week later, spent a week in Florida, and we are currently living with Katy and Chad Chinlund in Moline, IL as we search out our own little place to move into when we return from hiking the John Muir Trail in California. I am so excited!! We leave on Monday and will spend 18 days on the trail...hopefully ending up at Mt. Whitney! After that we will start on at Heritage Wesleyan Church as the Young Adult Pastors and pray that stability sets in :). Even though that is highly unlikely (just looking at my life's pattern as of late), I will try to update more frequently when I get back from hiking. Our deepest gratitude to all our family and friends who have walked with us and supported us as we begin this journey together as husband and wife. We are loving it!