Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hola Amigos!

Hola from Monteverde, Costa Rica! Sorry I have been such a bum about updating. We went to Seattle to climb Rainier and then life was super hectic for a few months before we headed off again. Mark and I have been in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and will be returning home in a few days. We have gotten to hike around, see some cool cities, connect with Kari and Josh Jackson, some friends from college, ride a lot of buses, go boogie boarding in the ocean, read some good books, and do a zip line canopy tour. We hope to get in some white water rafting before heading home as well, if all goes according to plan.

One fun thing has been for me to get to use some of the 6.5 years of spanish that I took in school. It has been amazing how much I remember, and so frustrating at what I cant! All the more motivation to keep on trying. Lesson learned for next time: bring a spanish dictionary with. me ayuda mucho.

It has been a wild ride so far. While in Nicaragua, they shut the power off each week to conserve energy at certain times during the day. Our week just happened to be from 7-1030pm-ish ´{times are all "ish" around here...}, and so we pulled into Granada at 8pm in what looked like a blackout. It was pretty crazy. we just got to hang out by candlelight for a few hours each night. It was pretty fun...people would cheer when the lights came back on!

There are plenty more stories to tell, but I will wait until I can post come pictures to tell them. Look back in a week or so and there should be some up!

Hasta Luego!