Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

For Valentines Day we decided that instead of spending a bunch of money on going out to eat, we would get creative. When we were in college I made Mark a white chocolate rasberry cheesecake from scratch and he loved it! So we decided to make one together for our celebration. Since Mark had to work on the 14th, we made it fri night together, and sat. while he was at work, I made the chocolate topping. We then enjoyed it together sat night after dinner! It turned out pretty good, except the center was still a little runny. It was definitely still fun and worth it! Yum!

We definitely need to think of some people to share this with....Not sure we should eat the whole thing :).

Bend is one of those places that has a festival for every season (and more!), and this week Winterfest was going on. It has concerts, food, and the Rail Jam. Fri night was skiing and sat night was snowboarding. So after dinner we headed down there and got there just in time to see the finals of the snowboarding contest. Some guys just got air, but many were doing 360's, 540's, and one guys even did a back flip/attemped a double backflip! It was fun to watch, and a band was playing nearby for entertainment. They even hauled in the snow to make the jumps!

If you can't tell, there is a guy in mid-jump just to the left of the light.

We weren't using a flash, so these are a bit blurry...but there is a guy on the rails.

Last, but not least, here we are, enjoying the festivities...all bundled up! It was in the upper-20's/lower-30's, so it was pretty cold. We had on a ton of layers, but it was definitely fun!
Happy Valentines Day!