Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life is Journey, not a Destination...

...and a journey implies change, movement, and hopefully, growth. Yes, we are transitioning. We've known for some time now that we want to go back to school to get our Masters', and we even knew that it might be in the fall of '08. What we didn't know is that the transition away from Heritage would end up being so early. The church wanted to know as early as possible if we were headed to school next fall so that they could begin searching now to fill our positions. A few months ago as we really began praying about this decision and soon after, we got a call from a good friend of ours out in Rapid City, SD. He mentioned that their Lead Pastor had just made the decision to move to Michigan and that he would be stepping up as Interim Lead Pastor for a few months while they dove into the process of finding a new Lead Pastor. At first, it was casually thrown out that maybe we could head out to Rapid City for a few months to work with him during the transition. We laughed and thought it would be fun. But soon after, we really began to feel like it might be an option and began praying about it more seriously.
Long story short, we will be heading to school next fall [school yet to be determined, although we are applying to quite a few], but we will be making a detour along the way. Mark and I will be heading out to Rapid City in a few weeks for a grand total of 5 months to work alongside Paul as Interim Associate Pastors at Fountain Springs Community Church, before hopefully hiking the PCT and heading to school in the fall.
Our feelings right now are, as expected, bittersweet. We are excited about getting to connect with and work alongside Paul and Brooke out in Rapid City, hike, and head to school, and yet, there are so many people here in the Quad Cities that will be so hard to say goodbye to. We have had a great 2.5 years here. We've learned a lot, grown a lot, and made some amazing friends along the way. There are so many great people here at Heritage.
Change is hard, and yet there's excitement in what the future holds. We know we will look back with joy, and yet we look forward with anticipation at what God has next for us.
Thanks to everyone at Heritage who has supported us, prayed for us, and made our time here great. We've loved seeing God work in your lives, and look forward to hearing updates on how that continues to happen. This blog will continue to be updated, so we're always only one click away!