Thursday, January 21, 2010


...we got to go snowboarding! I'm ashamed to say that this was our first time to go this winter. We have been meaning to get out for awhile, but since we now have to drive 1.5-2 hrs, it has eluded us until now. We headed up to Timberline on Mt. Hood, and the day was beautiful and clear. We kept hearing, "this is the best day we've had all season!" which made us happy. As the day went on, clouds moved in and the wind picked up. Below you'll see a short video (the camera battery was dying so it's REAL short). It's pretty windy...and the video was taken in a lull!
Beautiful, white, snowy, Mt. Hood.

At the top of the Magic Mile lift in the wind.

Mark and our friend, Andy (from Portland), who we were able to connect with for the day. He is a skier, but we hung with him anyway :).