Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dixie is one of the sweetest and most loyal customers that we have in the coffee shop I work in. She comes in almost every day and spends her days knitting. She says she's addicted. Everyone loves seeing her and know exactly what she likes to drink and eat. Chatting with her, however brief, just makes you smile.
A co-worker of mine is having a baby in a week or two, and Dixie vowed to make her something special for the baby. And even though I am NOT pregnant (just to make that clear), she decided to make me something for "when that day comes." :) Just the other day she showed up with a beautifully wrapped package that when opened, bore these wonderful gifts: a little knitted hat and a pair of socks, made lovingly with baby-soft yarn.
They are very cute and very well-done. They look like they could have been bought in a store. It's such a strange sensation owning baby clothes! It's the way it feels when you are single or dating to think forward to being married. That's how I feel/think about having a baby. I want to do that, but not quite yet...but it's still exciting to think about, especially now that I have clothes for him/her (well, at least his/her feet and head will be warm!).
But, the socks/hat are not the point. My real reason for posting was a tribute and thanks to Dixie for her skill and thoughtfulness. It's a reminder that the little things we do for others that may seem insignificant or are just an extension of yourself really do bless others and bring moments of joy.