Monday, October 12, 2009

Keepin' It Local::Some Fun Stuff We've Been Up To In Our Area

Last week I went apple picking with my friend Julie. This is what happened to the apples I picked. I have a great recipe from my grandma for microwave applesauce (chunky or smooth), which takes a total of 10-15 min. to make. So I whipped up a few batches and took a shot at canning by myself (thanks google!). It worked perfectly, and was so fun to hear the "canner's music" (the lids popping as they seal). I only did about half the apples, so I will be doing the rest sometime this week. Yum!

Today was our day off, so we decided to head to Silver Falls State Park to ride the bike paths. Unfortunately we locked our keys in the car as soon as we got out and had to call a tow truck to come unlock our car. We were pretty lucky because we were there later in the afternoon and we have no cell service. Luckily there was still someone in the lodge to let us use a phone. We did get to ride for a little bit, although it wasn't as long as we wanted to. It was gorgeous, though, and we will definitely go back.

The leaves are changing...fall is here!

It was $8 for a 5-gallon bucket, so we split a bucket and got a variety of different apples.

My friend, Julie, lives in Portland. I know Julie from when we lived in Illinois, and it's really fun to have her so close! We've gotten to hang out a couple times now, and the last time we hung out we went apple-picking (and got coffee, which is why we are surrounded by cement in this picture).

I have always wanted to learn to can, and a friend from Church, Debbie, was canning tomatoes and invited me over to learn last week. It was easy and fun! I even ended up with quite a few jars of canned tomatoes, even though they were all Debbie's; all I did was help put some in jars! Thanks Debbie! Can't wait to put them to use!

We went to the Stayton Library book sale a couple weeks ago. It was three days long, and on the last day, it was $5 for a grocery bag full of books! We went expecting it to be really picked over, but there were still tons of books to choose from. We got a varying array of books that range from some outdoors-focused books, some faith-focused books, some novels (steinbeck, mischner, and some other randoms), and some cook books (yay!). We had no problem filling two grocery bags. Now the problem is where to put them...we need some more bookshelves!