Monday, November 23, 2009

We Wish We Were Here...

Opening Day at Mt. Bachelor was Friday, November 20...this video was taken on opening day, and we are so jealous of all the fresh powder! Last year I only got to go a couple of times because of my work schedule, and the days never looked as good as this! Mark had plenty like this, and I'm pretty sure this powder is making him itch to get back on the slopes :). We are looking forward to spending some time at Mt. Hood and Hoodoo this winter, and hopefully we'll get a chance to head over the Pass and hit Bachelor as well. If anyone is up for a ski or snowboard day, let us know!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Church Events

Since being at the church we've had several events. The first one was called the Jumble Sale. It's a fundraiser that happens every year for our women's ministry. All summer people from the church/community donate stuff to be sold...everything from clothes to furniture and everything in between. It's a big rummage sale, but provides our women's ministry with funds needed for the year.

Around the same time our kids were in the local CornFest parade. Yes, I said Cornfest :). We moved away from the Iowa region, but ended up in an agricultural area. Reminds me of going to school in Indiana. But it was fun, and we got to eat free corn on the cob...yum! And since we were new, we were talked into dressing up with the kids and walking in the parade. I was in a poodle skirt and Mark had the classic white shirt and jeans. Our kids' float won "Best in Show" though!

We had a youth bonfire in September. It was a blast and it was a great way for students to connect and hang out.

This was at the bonfire. Apparently Mark found this in a closet huh?

We did an all-church trivia night that was really fun! Mark MC-ed and I, along with a couple other ladies, were the judges that counted up the points and kept track of the scores. It was a blast, and luckily everyone was kind to the judges :).

Our MC. Next time we need to get him a bowtie :)

Our second youth event was a Barn Bash in conjunction with two other Wesleyan youth groups - one from Salem and one from Portland. We had about 80 kids total and it was a blast. There was a hay maze, a corn maze, a hay ride, this slide (fun!), and candy. There was also a guest speaker. Luckily it didn't rain on us too much...just a light mist, which is basically like it not raining here.

Not sure why I am putting this picture on the internet, but oh well! We had a Harvest Party for the kids in our community on Halloween. There were different games and events in different rooms, where they could win candy and treats. There were door prizes and free espresso for adults. The reason I'm wearing this pretty peach dress is b/c the theme was Knights and Damsels, so all the women helping dressed up like "princesses." Thanks to a local thrift shop, and a little tag board and cloth, I was transformed (I think) into a "damsel." I got to be the barista and give away the free espresso drinks.

We've had a lot of fun times since being here; we've gotten to dress up in costumes a lot, and I'm sure it won't be the last time! It's been so great getting to know the people here and getting to see their hearts for God and for ministry (in the day-to-day stuff as well as the big events). We are excited about what's been happening so far and look forward to seeing how God will continue to work!